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Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

GreenIce at OYM

Europe’s newest and most modern sports center, OYM in Cham, adds a GreenIce synthetic ice rink to their state-of-the-art facilities. OYM is a new beacon for elite sports in Switzerland and all of Europe, offering young athletes and students the highest quality instruction and brand new technology, as well as the opportunity to study alongside…
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Bubendorf on Ice

From 01 to 21 December 2018, GreenIce will be in Bubendorf BL, Switzerland with a 200 m2 synthetic ice rink and a synthetic ice stock rink. Come by with your friends and family and test the ice, or challenge them to a match of ice stock sport! Ice skates can be borrowed at the venue,…
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Artificial Ice Tiles Panel Sheet Production

Our Construction Process

How does a GreenIce rink differ from a regular ice rink and what makes it so much easier to install and maintain? What are our panels made of and how long do they last? How do we guarantee the quality of our product and its longevity? And why is GreenIce the only company distributing certified…
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The Importance of Eco-Friendly Ice Skating

From the very start our aim at GreenIce was to revolutionize ice skating in a way that would make it gentle on our environment and eliminate high energy and maintenance costs. The installation and upkeep of a conventional ice rink are costly, complex and time consuming. A real ice rink is limited in its use,…
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Synthetic Ice rink in Basel

News from the “Schliffi uff em Märt”: The Basel Christmas market is in full swing, and the Plastic Ice Rink by GreenIce is the highlight in the middle. Come on a Schliffi punch and let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere in the market place! But do not be in a hurry – the train…
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