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Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Surfing and Ice Skating?!

Citywave is a next generation wave pool that makes surfing available to everyone, everywhere, even far away from any ocean break. Sound familiar? That’s because in many ways, the idea and philosophy behind it aligns pretty well with that of GreenIce. The Wave Factory in Zurich have brought a Citywave pool to Switzerland, and made…
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GreenIce at Winterzauber Muttenz

Since 2016, GreenIce has been in the town center of Muttenz, where every year during the winter months our synthetic ice rink welcomes residents and visitors for ice skating and playing ice stock sport under beautiful Christmas lights. A shining example of community spirit, Winterzauber is made possible by sponsors from the town itself and…
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Artificial Ice Tiles Panel Sheet Production

GreenIce vs. Real Ice: A Comparative Study

Real ice vs. GreenIce synthetic ice — a comparative study An artificial ice rink made out of real, mechanically frozen ice comes with expensive side effects such as high energy costs, a complex construction process and the need to be kept under constant maintenance. The gliding capability of a real ice rink is excellent but…
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The Importance of Eco-Friendly Ice Skating

From the very start our aim at GreenIce was to revolutionize ice skating in a way that would make it gentle on our environment and eliminate high energy and maintenance costs. The installation and upkeep of a conventional ice rink are costly, complex and time consuming. A real ice rink is limited in its use,…
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