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ICE SKATING Summer & Winter EveryWhere

Due to its homogenous surface, high wear resistance and anti-slip technology, GreenIce® Rinks are multifunctional.


Self-lubrication in itself does not guarantee exceptional performance.
The performance level of synthetic ice depends on the manufacturing process, the formula by which components are added and the quality-grade of the raw materials.
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Even if an artificial ice product claims to offer UV protection, the product can change its color over time.
This usually happens if the raw materials and additives are of lower grade quality and as a result loose their chemical stability.
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Skate with no resistance

You have realized that there are many companies out there selling “synthetic ice”. To deserve the label “synthetic ice” a plastic has to fulfill at least the following criteria: It needs to be produced through heat-pressing and feature an auto-lubricating formula.
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Walk without slipping

 Fortunately, there are synthetic ice rinks with ultra glide technology that not only enhance the glide factor but also allow you to have a better grip, resembling real
ice rinks and providing the conditions for you to exploit your skating potential.
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GreenIce synthetic

ice hockey rinks
NHL & IIHF standard size

GreenIce top quality synthetic ice – the authentic ice skating experience Official markings for IIHF & NHL ice hockey Complete dasher board system for professional ice hockey and official Olympic competitions GreenIce is an excellent opportunity for ice hockey teams.
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Training space
Ice hockey
Figure skating

Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rink news

GreenIce at OYM

Europe’s newest and most modern sports center, OYM in Cham, adds a GreenIce synthetic ice rink to their state-of-the-art facilities. OYM is a new beacon for elite sports in Switzerland[…]

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Meet GreenIce and EHC Basel at AGLAT

24 – 26 May 2019 Eissport- und Freizeithalle Naustrasse 83 CH-4242 Laufen Come and visit GreenIce at AGLAT 2019, the largest trade fair in north-western Switzerland. If you’re considering synthetic[…]

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Affordable, accessible, ecological – ice skating for everyone, everywhere

We firmly believe that ice skating shouldn’t be limited to a cold climate and an ice rink that is high maintenance and generates 24 h running costs. Not in this[…]

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What do the numbers say?

After more than 10 years of experience, a lot has gathered together

kilowatt-hour saved

happy skaters

liters of water saved

Greenice® Artificial Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure

Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rinks multifuncional worldwide

Greenice Ice Rink Outdoor Event

Artificial Ice Hockey Rink

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