Art on Ice – a history

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Art on Ice – a history

GreenIce has been a part of Art on Ice since 2014. The figure skating gala combines performances of the best figure skaters in the world with musical acts of international music stars.

It was founded by Oliver Höner, premiering in 1995 with the title “Eiskunstlauf der Weltklasse”. The following year, live music was added and the title was changed to Art on Ice. The show moved to Hallenstadion Zürich, where it takes place to this day. Other venues include Basel, Davos, the Patinoire de Malley in Lausanne and the lake of St. Moritz.

Its audience adds up to 10’000 people on average for each show, which makes Art on Ice one of the leading ice events in the world. Popular with the Swiss people, Art on Ice performances regularly air on Swiss national television.

The cast is considered to be one of the best in the world, with many Olympics gold medalists and world champions performing. Musicians that have performed include Leona Lewis, Jessie J, Hurts, Nelly Furtado, James Morrison, James Gruntz, Fleetwood Mac, Gölä, and Zucchero,

After an audience of almost 80’000 spectators last year, Art on Ice will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020, promising a world class anniversary show.